The social experiment to end democracy

Tami Marler, MBA

Tami Marler, MBA

Award winning former investigative journalist, now devoted to saving horses from slaughter, and saving journalism from propagandists.

Recently I spoke with a young conservative who converted from being an enthusiastic Trump supporter who appreciated Trump’s policies and recognized the resulting benefits, to resenting Trump for being a racist, sowing division, and failing on COVID.

The person was unaware that – in addition to Trump’s achievements in his first three years – he more recently negotiated multiple historic peace treaties, resulting in 4 Nobel Prize nominations (who the hell does that?!), approved a risky special operation that freed the 51st American hostage during his presidency, helmed the economy (during a global pandemic in which the rest of the world’s economies are in flames) as GDP skyrocketed by a record 33 percent, reduced COVID mortality by 85 percent through expedited therapeutics and treatments, and is close to mobilizing millions of vaccines in an operation that, under any other president, would have taken two to three years – not six months.

This person blamed Trump for Congress not agreeing on another stimulus, unaware of Pelosi’s petulant refusal to do anything that might endear voters to their president.

This person is far from ignorant. This person – like many young people – has been conditioned.

Goodbye, young conservatives

The person was only peripherally aware of the mounting evidence of Joe Biden’s decades of corruption, and repeated the debunked notion that Hunter’s business partner was spreading Russian disinformation (Okay then, why is Hunter partnering with Russian agents? Does that not warrant investigation?). 

This person said that not a single one of the friends and associates who voted for Trump in 2016, planned to vote for his reelection. They would rather vote for a “uniter” – even if he is probably corrupt (“Who in Washington isn’t?” He just does it better than everyone else), and who may or may not be in the mid stages of dementia – than reelect the brash divider they’ve been conditioned to blame for the lockdowns and unrest in Democrat-run cities.

And don’t even try to inject reason. We’re operating on sheer emotion now. Hate trumps reality.

Social experiment

I’d say the social experiment orchestrated by China, Big Tech and corporate media has been wildly successful: Lock down society, immerse them in fear, restrict their access to any information outside of the approved narrative, cancel dissent until burgeoning dissenters are conditioned to zip it and nod along, and watch deeply held beliefs and values change under the pressure. 

Election interference on crack

Recall that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, running a social media campaign designed to sow hate and division. They spent $100,000 on ads to trigger Bernie Sanders supporters, Hillary Clinton supporters, the LGBTQ crowd, black activists, and any group they believed they could whip into a frenzy. They took the thread of a fraying society and pulled until the fabric was in unrecognizable tatters.

Donald Trump did not create the division. Donald Trump was a by-product of the division that was  already there, courtesy of Barack 0bama and Russia.

Mission accomplished, Russia. You picked at the scabs of fragile wounds to expose America’s festering chasms that the establishment and their media dubbed Donald J. Trump.

Big Tech, corporate media and establishment Washington took Russia’s little $100,000 game of tiddlywinks and gave it a crack pipe. In short and simple terms, this unholy cabal interfered in a presidential election in nearly imperceptible ways, and forever warped the democratic electoral process into a mere illusion of freedom and choice.

Truth can be terrifying

What might the world look like if voters had free and unfettered access to information from all perspectives? What if the media covered President Trump’s achievements as enthusiastically as they covered his gaffes? What if they covered Regular Joe’s lies and gaffes as exuberantly as they cover his ability to put five coherent words together without stumbling? You only restrain truth when truth terrifies you, and to print all of the president’s achievements in his first four years – even hamstrung by sham investigations and waylaid by a novel plague – would be to bury the most dishonest, inept, unaccomplished and corrupt Democrat nominee in the history of politics.

If we were allowed to weigh all facts – without regard politics or emotions – there wouldn’t even be a contest. But hate has pervaded this election, clouding judgments and justifying shameful means to achieve a single end – the end of Donald Trump. We’ll face the fallout once the icky orange man is gone.

They warned us

Before you scoff, recall that the major players said they could never allow a repeat of the 2016 election, during which a silent wave shocked the establishment and hired an outsider to break the corrupt system (drain the swamp). That outsider kept virtually every promise he made, and then some, earning what should be a guaranteed second term.

But the cabal could not allow it. They said they couldn’t.

They literally vowed to do whatever it would take to ensure that never happened again – that voters could never control another election.

What do you think they meant?



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