The Most Brilliant POTUS in History – A Spy Novel


President Ronald Qump plays 4-D chess while his opponents struggle through the rules of Chinese Checkers. The smartest, wiliest leader in the history of the United States of America--now several moves ahead of his befuddled opponents--prepares for the Checkmate move that will change the world. Here's how.

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His detractors consider him a brash, bullying buffoon, barely able to control his own outsized ego, let alone manage the most powerful country in the history of the world. But what if President Ronald Qump had the world exactly where he wanted them?

The backdrop

The skies grew dark and cold, as if on cue, as National Guard troops marched in blocs across the Capitol landscape. Their numbers grew with each passing moment, as a damp chill enveloped the city. Politicos scurried around inside chain-link fences topped with razor wire while American citizens stood agape outside, occasionally lifting their cameras to capture the surreal scene for posterity.

Soldiers stopped pedestrians and drivers to check their identification. One citizen was searched, and when police discovered a gun, was arrested, doxed, and accused of motives and crimes he did not commit. This is what freedom looks like when a record number of voters elect an octogenarian teetering between coherence and rage, to fill the most important seat in the land? This is unprecedented popularity?

For months, headlines declared Moe Hiden the most popular presidential candidate in the history of American politics – besting incumbent President Qump and past POTUS, Farrak Yomama – the most beloved human ever to grace the halls of the White House. Somehow, in the midst of a global pandemic in which he was unable to attract a hundred supporters to his events, this cheeky, grumpy, Regular Moe was able to capture the votes of 81 million Americans, winning fewer than 15 percent of the geographic U.S.A.

Aside from the adoration, the level of paranoid security boggled the mind and begged the question: How did America come to this?

Who is protecting whom from whom?

Speculation swirled over who summoned tens of thousands of citizen soldiers to protect America’s seat of power. To answer that question, one must consider a 1949 executive order signed by President Harry Truman, which delegated command of the D.C. National Guard to the Secretary of Defense, who answers directly to the President.

In fact, in a video message to Americans on January 16 President Qump stated: “I have directed federal agencies to use all necessary resources to maintain order. In Washington, D.C., we are bringing in thousands of National Guard members to secure the city and ensure that a transition can occur safely and without incident.”

No one but the President of the United States has the authority to call up guard troops from all over the country, and these tens of thousands of troops hailed from multiple states. No, it was not the future president who marshaled such military might; nor was it legislative or local officials.

So, President Qump called in military protectors to surround the Capitol, but from whom? Rumors flew about armed militias descending on capitols all over the country in advance of Moe Hiden’s inauguration, but quickly fizzled upon closer scrutiny. Once troops began to arrive, rumors swelled about possible insider attacks, as though Hiden’s own soldiers might conspire to take him out. The concern was so grave, the U.S. Secret Service hired an outside security agency, Showcall Security Services’ Checkmate (at a cost to taxpayers of $7.5 million), That threat too quickly petered out.

If the militia story was overblown and there really was no specific threat, then why bring in the troops? And if the troops are now the supposed threat, why not just send them home? If the whole thing required too much thinking for us, imagine how supposed journalists must have felt? Concerned citizens kept watching for investigations into why Washington DC requires such fortification for a beloved president-elect adored by a vast majority of voters, but they never came.

Past Predicts Future?

While struggling to keep their marbles from rolling off the Chinese Checker board, Hiden’s acolytes mocked at and disregarded President Qump’s machinations with his pen and phone. From the Oval Office, the chess master moved his knights into position, starting in September 2018 with a little-known and barely touted Executive Order 13848, which laid the groundwork for sanctioning foreign enemies that attempted to meddle in America’s elections. The order was a veritable roadmap for intelligence and law enforcement agencies to deal with fraudulent elections. Most importantly, President Qump declared a state of emergency, which gave him broad powers we’ll discuss below.

Repercussions from violations of EO 13848 hinged upon an illusory report from the Director of National Intelligence, which was supposed to be delivered by December 19, 2020; however, was delayed due to infighting between intelligence agencies reluctant to detail China’s shenanigans. However, as news broke of the delay, intel also churned about China’s various and plentiful efforts to sabotage and destroy America. Both the DNI and the FBI admitted to China’s treachery; yet no one seemed to want to make it official with a report.

Bold Moves, Toothless CIA

In another strategic move, Mr. Qump terminated a Secretary of Defense with questionable fortitude and allegiance, and replaced him with a war-hardened Green Beret. Not long after, the new SecDef pulled the teeth from America’s top foreign spy agency, removing the CIA’s ability to call up Special Forces to carry out its heavy work.

From that moment forward, the nation’s legendary special ops warriors would be under the direct command of the SecDef – not their respective military branches – who reported directly to the president himself.

In addition to the SecDef move, President Qump elevated the FEMA Chief, a retired U.S. Marine, to helm the Department of Homeland Security.

Guardians of the Galaxy

President Qump recognized the importance of safeguarding America’s space assets and created the United States Space Force, under the Secretary of the Air Force, who also reports to the Secretary of Defense. These space guardians protect and defend America’s space assets – the satellites that power GPS technology, ensure internet connectivity, enhance communications, impact the world financial market, and allow Americans to conduct online business. Within a year of Space Force’s implementation, the new military branch was granted its own intelligence agency, indicating surveillance was likely already underway.

In fact, the guardians were likely aware of a disruption to Google and Apple Maps during an uprising at the Capitol. Whether Space Force was the cause of the disruption is still in question, but a subsequent memo clarifying space policy might indicate the agency was at least aware. Space Policy Directive 7 governs the access and use of GPS and provides guidelines for enforcement if foreign or commercial players attempt to disrupt or manipulate it.

China, China, China

In addition to EO 13848, President Qump signed Executive Order 13959, which may have been his political death knell, or it may have been another brilliant move to draw out America’s most diabolical enemies. The November order, which officially went into effect on January 11, 2021, restricted stock market trading on several Chinese companies the intelligence community deemed financiers of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military infrastructure.

With U.S. investors stuck holding a trillion dollars in banned China stocks, venture capitalists flocked to Capitol Hill with their checkbooks until feckless Republican lawmakers’ (who all secretly hated Qump AND his smelly, inbred, Walmart-shopping followers) nest eggs were overflowing with Chinese bribe money.

But that didn’t sway Qump, who banged away at his America First drum. Facing a second impeachment, possible conviction and calls for his head, he sent a letter to the House Speaker and Senate President notifying them of an amendment to the order, and reiterating the prohibition of dealing with banned Chinese companies.

Martial Law

Hiden’s troll army roiled about the growing fear an unhinged Qump would try to cling to power by declaring martial law or institute the Insurrection Act throughout the land. Such moves would put military leaders in charge until whatever crisis Qump identifies is resolved.

Citizens’ movements would be restricted, they might have to submit to searches of themselves and their property, they may be prohibited from gathering or moving about.

Does that sound familiar at all? Think about how this story began. And Washington, DC is not the only place under militaristic rule.

Declarations Galore

Meanwhile, as social media platforms techxecuted conservative voices (including that of President Ronald Qump) through their overt mission of ideological cleansing, President Qump declared states of emergency and disaster in multiple states and vicinities, including Washington, DC. Such declarations raise the possibility of National Guard deployments. In addition to those declarations, Qump’s emergency declarations for the southern border and the nation with regard to COVID-19 remain in effect.

Brilliant Double-Aught Agent, or…

Whether our protagonist turns out to be a brilliant strategist or tired showman remains to be seen. The end of this story has yet to be written. If President Ronald Qump uses the authority he methodically laid and saves the world, or he shoves his pieces off the board and heads for the beach.

To be continued…

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