It’s Satan’s world now

Current events point more than ever towards End Times prophecy, with Satan racking up acolytes to cast his web of lies. Are you unwittingly helping him to corrupt humanity?

What did the FDA just approve?

The FDA announced it approved Pfizer’s COVID vaccine amid great fanfare. But what data did they use to advance from EAU to full approval during a new outbreak of a different variant? The same data used to approve the EAU. But the news gets even worse.

Kentucky Fried Chicken


Once upon a time there were two best friends who loved each other to the moon and back. Sophie and Katie were too young to recognize or adhere to social norms. They saw each other only through the prism of innocent love, so the fact that Katie was two years older than Sophie, or that their skin […]

The Most Brilliant POTUS in History – A Spy Novel


President Ronald Qump plays 4-D chess while his opponents struggle through the rules of Chinese Checkers. The smartest, wiliest leader in the history of the United States of America–now several moves ahead of his befuddled opponents–prepares for the Checkmate move that will change the world. Here’s how.

What’s more terrifying than losing America?

Having to speak about it in public. Watching the public hearings on election integrity took me back to a time when I was terrified of appearing in public. Here’s what I did to overcome the fear and pitfalls of public speaking.