What do you mean, ‘media bias’?


You hear a lot these days about media bias, but what exactly does that mean? How does the media bias a story? I’ve decided to start posting examples of bias so that news consumers can recognize and reject¬†it. The birth of the news Before we discuss bias, it’s important to understand how news is made. […]

What do I think of journalism today?

A Facebook friend recently responded to my photo album of journalism awards with a question I’ve avoided answering through the years, mostly because I don’t want to be cancelled: “What do you think of journalism today?” After 15 years as a journalist and several more years writing straight-to-print press releases, I definitely have an opinion […]

Dissent: Food for the Brain


The only idea that causes permanent and insurmountable harm, is the idea that some thoughts are too dangerous to think. The systematic cancellation of dissenters will not end with the icky folk.

How the Hell Did I Get Here?

I have an uncanny knack for knowing when someone is uncomfortable with me; so I go out of my way to put them at ease – to encourage them and make them feel included. And I can tell you with remarkable accuracy the ones who will never come around. Not only will they never come […]