Techxecution: Big Tech’s Canary in the Coal Mine

As Congress plays checkers on Big Tech's 3D chess board, Alex Jones appears to be un-cancelled. But a deeper look reveals a terrifying alternative.

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While listening to tech giants testify before Congress on YouTube, I noticed the Alex Jones Radio channel pop up in my feed. Odd. You may recall Jones was cancelled from most social media platforms in 2018 for “violating community standards.”

So, why in the heck does he have a YouTube channel with the same followers he had before he got the axe? Did Jones capitulate and kneel at the altar of wokeness? What the heck did that look like? I had to know.

But first, let’s remember how we got here.

Blame Alex Jones for Donald Trump

Many libertarians and conservatives wondered at the time of Jones’ techxecution if he was the canary in the coal mine – a safe test subject for what they believed was Big Tech’s evil plan to avoid a repeat of 2016, when, against all odds, a playboy reality TV star edged out the anointed Democrat for the White House. While Hillary Clinton and her comrades were busy crafting their “Plan B,” an elaborate and perverted story alleging Donald Trump colluded with Russia to tamper with the election… Oh yeah, and urinated on hookers in seedy motels (who even thinks up filth like that?), Big Tech actually was colluding to tamper with the election – tainting search results and mind-controlling the masses toward liberalism – with impunity.

They could not have conservatives maneuvering around the Mind Meld again. Darn nuisances – sharing dangerous, damaging, unauthorized thoughts and information outside of The Collective narrative. Pfffft. They must be stopped.

Big Tech’s maiden techxecution

So the theory went… If they could rid the basket of one deplorable with a substantial audience of annoying nitwits (but no real establishment support), they might just be able to silence all dissenting voices. In other words, if this canary dies a quiet death and no one gives a turd, perhaps they could get away with killing the whole irredeemable flock – just in time for 2020. Or, so the theory went.

The establishment had successfully made it widely accepted that Jones was a far right-wing conspiracy theorist nut job, and tech kingpins counted on the fact that no one would risk their own reputation defending a known loon – even if the First Amendment was at stake.

The founding fathers would be ashamed

America would be so screwed if we had to fight for our independence again, with the feckless mannequins we keep electing to loiter in Congress. If there’s one thing the world can count on, it’s that most self-proclaimed conservatives who hold power are too self-centered and spineless to fight for what’s right anymore. So, while Jones was forced to crash the hallowed halls of DC to battle tyranny on his own, the GOP sat just as mum as liberals when Big Tech colluded to – one by one – end Alex Jones.

At the risk of being labeled a loon, let me clarify that I am not an Alex Jones acolyte. I don’t listen to him (though I adore Paul Joseph Watson, a member of his Info Wars staff – also blithely labeled a far right-wing loon). I happen to believe that once you trample on one person’s First Amendment rights, the rest of us are soon to follow. Tyranny is a fickle friend that counts on the mile, because the inch is in the bag. Look at what’s happening to Don Trump, Jr. – an arguably higher value canary who got sent to Twitmo for 12 hours Wednesday for sharing a video of a doctor saying hydroxychloroquine saved more than 350 of her patients. Pfffft. Cancel.

I, for one, believe Americans are smart enough to decide for ourselves what’s legitimate and what’s not. We don’t need to be spoon fed and we don’t need our data filtered or explained. The last people I need teaching me anything about anything are bitter and smug activist reporters with Trump Derangement Syndrome. But somehow, they’ve become The Collective voice, with all dissent immediately squashed.

Back on the ‘Tubes?

Imagine the revenue Jones must have lost when Big Tech ended his ability to monetize his exposure to 2.5 million fans – and that was on YouTube alone.

But here he was, back on the ‘tubes, preaching to a choir of nearly the same size (and growing by a half million in 24 hours) as the one he lost. I was dying to know how that happened, so I scoured the channel’s profile searching for an explanation. Nothing.

Then I went to the About section.

Now, I appreciate self-realization and authenticity, but I don’t know of any self respecting human being that would willingly describe himself as a “far right… conspiracy theorist,” even if they are a far right conspiracy theorist.


Right where he left off

The video library on Jones’ page picks up 4 years later, like nothing ever happened. He goes dark in 2018, then suddenly a week ago, he’s back in good graces, pumping out videos and generating revenue again? Without mentioning the reconciliation anywhere?


Final stinky

I hate unanswered questions. I’m like a pit bull when something is so obviously off, with no explanation to be found. I can’t just let it go, so I kept digging.

That was when I found this post and knew the stench was coming from something rotten.

The article glosses over the riots and the failure of the cities to address them, and is critical of Trump’s sending federal agents to do what Democrat mayors have failed to do: Secure their cities. It cites MSNBC, the NY Times and Washington Post as legitimate sources with legitimate perspectives – without scrutiny and without balance from center or right-leaning media. That might be tolerable to many media outlets, but that ain’t Alex Jones.

For instance, on Jones’ radio show, you would think we were gearing up for civil war over the violent mob protests; while on his website, the headline to the riot story reads, “Spoiled Brats: The BLM Protester’s Mindset.” Does that sound like someone who quotes the NY Times and MSNBC as gospel? Does that sound like someone who even reads the NY Times and MSNBC?


Either Alex Jones is schizophrenic, or he’s not running that YouTube channel.

What’s the big deal?

According to to Jones’ website, Big Tech has cancelled all accounts related to Info Wars and its staff, seriously impacting their ability to make a living the way liberal outlets are allowed to do.

So, if it’s true that Alex Jones is still not allowed to post his content on YouTube, as his website reflects, that means someone else is allowed to edit, pimp and profit from his work.

And here’s the most dangerous part: The written material on the Alex Jones Radio channel is written from a liberal perspective – casting doubt on Trump and justifying criticism of his policies and actions. They’re creating a more socially acceptable crazy right-wing nut job. What if they could influence Jones’ unwitting followers to adopt the liberal narrative because they believe that’s what Jones believes?

Or maybe Jones just hasn’t gotten around to telling us about his schizophrenia.

How the Hell Did I Get Here?

I have an uncanny knack for knowing when someone is uncomfortable with me; so I go out of my way to put them at ease