Tami Marler

Tami Marler was on top of the world after using the scholarships she earned competing for Miss America to obtain her MBA and launch her career.

She soon found that the strength, tenacity and courage that made her an award-winning journalist and highly recruited business asset, also made her catnip for workplace bullies, in a world where bullies nearly always prevail. When Tami’s aggressors learned she was conservative, her days in television news were numbered, with each day bringing new harassment, new accusations, and new assaults on her self esteem and confidence. 

Terminated for the first time in her life after standing up to her final bully, Tami was paralyzed by self doubt and the sting of betrayal. The shock and trauma reduced this self-assured, accomplished former beauty queen to a trembling heap of insecurity, paranoia and despair. Frozen by the fear of re-entering a workforce that required interaction with more potential bullies, the ex beauty queen found salvation in the souls of other discarded creatures; and in her recovery, learned she was far from alone.

Tami began writing her memoirs, Beauty to the Rescue, about the horror (and shocking prevalence) of workplace bullying, who is typically targeted, how decent people unwittingly allow it, how managers are loath to address it, and the psychic scars it leaves on its innocent victims. But in the midst of her recovery, the phenomenon of Donald Trump took the world by storm. As Tami watched her former profession devolve into deranged bias and hate, she was stunned to realize her story was just one of many.

Tami’s departure from television coincided with the end of journalism in America, but her view from inside the newsroom, watching the messy process of making daily news sausage, gives unique perspective into the decline of a once great institution. 

In her latest work, Techxecuted: Who erased the First Amendment and Destroyed Journalism in America?, Tami shares shocking tales of the ignorance and hate that drives the bias of American newsrooms, who provides the narratives of the day and how, and whether the institution has any hope for recovery.