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Media relations: Own your story start to finish.

Media relations puts the media to work for you.

The worst-case scenario.

It happens. All businesses experience moments that have the potential to harm their reputation. But a temporary public relations nightmare doesn't have to leave a permanent mark. 

Let Marler and Associates assess your media relations vulnerabilities and public relations policies and minimize opportunities for breakdowns in communication with your customers, your employees or other stakeholders.

One serious incident can do irreparable harm to even the most stellar organization's reputation if you're not prepared. It's not the glitch that damages even the most prepared organizations. It's how they respond to the glitch.

Let Marler and Associates evaluate your organization and train members of your staff to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with the media and your public. You'll never be caught off guard by challenging or potentially-embarrassing situations with Marler and Associates on your side. 

The good news is...

How many times have you thought, "This would make a great news story," but you don't know where to begin to get media attention? Members of the media are just as desperate for great stories as you are to have your story heard.

Let Marler and Associates bridge the gap between your group and the public.

  • Monthly, quarterly or annual PR training
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual retainer (in case of emergency)
  • PR planning
  • All of the above