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What do fish think?

Posted on March 20, 2011 at 6:13 PM

Fishing is by far one of my favorite pastimes. Nothing soothes the soul like casting a line and watching the gently rippling water as you slowly reel it back to shore. I am by no means an expert fisherperson. My husband jokes that I catch more elusive stick fish and tree bass than actual fish, but I enjoy the process, nonetheless.

Several times a fishing session I cast my line into the trees surrounding my parents' pond. I can't even imagine the thousands of dollars of lures I've left to adorn the many branches. It's like Christmas all year 'round.

One time I cast my line over a branch and the bright green rubber grub dipped into the water below. Rather than wrestle yet another line from the tree, I waited to see if a fish would take a nibble. Sure enough, a rather large crappie grabbed the hook with such force, it yanked the branch down to the water. I pulled and reeled, pulled and reeled like a real fisherperson. When the fish finally tired of the struggle, he was dangling 15 feet above the water. What on earth must he have been thinking, I wondered.

Crappie: I can see everything from here! My little fishy friends will never believe...hey LOOK! It's my friend Mr. Turtle. Hey, Mr. Turtle, I'm way up here IN THIS TR...What's that? A sparkly worm, hanging on another branch? It's getting kind of hard to brea...Oh my gosh! ANOTHER sparkly worm on THAT branch! Hey, this worm in my mouth doesn't taste as good as I thought it would ta...I wonder why that human is standing there with that stick in her hand...I'd like to get down now.

Fish are notoriously Attention Defecit Disorder. Why else would they endlessly chase shiny rubber worms around a pond and up into trees? That may be why fish and I get along just fine.

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